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 Afro870's App hopefully for new mod :)

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PostSubject: Afro870's App hopefully for new mod :)   Sat Mar 27, 2010 3:13 am

1.My Username is Afro870(but character name is Razor)as u all see but my real name is Gil whatever floates ur boat.(Not gonna say my last name.It's too long).

2.I'm on the computer for.....about an hour a day.Sometimes ill stay up all night on Friday's such as today.

3.I live in the U.S.A.Same place i was born

4.Im guessing ive been playing for..about a few weeks now.

5.Well Sky you should know that im Moderator on Skylarscape but nobody's been on when I get on so thats y im so inactive.I've also made my own RS Private server.

6.DOB:6/17/1993 or June 17,1993

7.I wanna be staff so i can help pple by asking questions cuz i hear A LOT of questions.

8.Well i kinda said what i could do to help the community above but also i have my comedy that could cheer pple up.

9.Ummm if i was the Owner/Co-owner/Head admin i wouldnt need to make myself staff cuz id already be at the i understand what your getting at.I'd make myself staff because im respectful,i dont really curse/cuss a lot,i like to make pple laugh,im a good sport at losing and winning,and also i rarely call pple names,only if they r calling me names and who's its and what not's.

10.I've played gunz for about a few weeks (this was my first server i only saw it skylarscape).

11.What would interest me as staff would be helping pple and being more in-touch with Skylar and Xemnas to make better stuff for the server.

12.I've actually never tryed recoloring but i think it'd be cool and im pretty creative.

13.I kinda said if im good at it ot not above but i think i would be but ive never tryed.

14.I know for a fact i answered this before!!!!

15.If i dont get accepted ill just contiue on with my life.It's only a game.

16.If i got demoted/removed from being staff WITH reason i think ill continue on but id wanna know what i did wrong and try to fix it.If i was demoted/removed from staff WITHOUT reason then id be pretty mad but also its just a game.

Thank You for listening to what i have to say.

Sincerly with Honesty and Love,

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Afro870's App hopefully for new mod :)
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