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 Application For GM

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Application For GM Empty
PostSubject: Application For GM   Application For GM EmptySat Mar 13, 2010 8:26 pm

*1.Your Name: Jason
2.How long your on the computer: 4 - 6 Hours, All Depends if its on weekends
*3.What Country: United States
*4.How long did you play ERGunZ: About 2 Weeks Surprised
5.Staff Experiance: I have tons of Experiance as staff, I am Co Owner on 1 server
*6.Date of birth: 6/14/ Dont wanna say year Surprised
7.Why you want to be a staff: I want to be staff , So i can help players with anything they need. Being staff shows players that you came here to help and to lead players into being better more mature players Smile

8.What do you think you can do for this community: Teach players how to play, Make them nice players Smile show them that cussing/argueing/fighting is not the way to be a good player :]
9.If you was the Owner/Co/Head-Admin, Would you make yourself staff/Why: No. Why you ask? Well, Because you dont make staff on your own. Making staff or any kind is a team effort. Its like having A forum of your own. You cant make staff unless you have someone who can help you with it. Because 1 day you may make someone staff then they may just leave. Then you have staff that doesnt do anything. So again I wouldnt make myself staff because I would need my friends/team to decide if I should have it or not.

10.How long have you played GunZ: I started when this server came out.
11.What Interest you to be staff: Well, I see how players on this server respect the staff, They get to help out alot. I would love to help out as much as I can ever do. Smile
12.Do you like Coloring/Recoloring: I have no clue what that is Surprised
13.Do you consider yourself good at it: Not a clue XD
14.What would you do as your job of a GM: My job as a GM I would make it my ingame goal to help every player in the server atleast once in my career as staff on here Smile
15.If you dont get accepted what will you do: I will try my best to earn it, As I will just keep helping, playing the server and trying my best to get the staff Smile

16.What would you do if you was removed from staff with/without cause: I would try to find out why I was removed and see if there is a way that i can get it back Smile if not then ooh well atleast I can still play the server :]
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Application For GM
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