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 Omar for admin

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PostSubject: Omar for admin   Sat Mar 13, 2010 7:58 pm

*1.Your Name:Omar Ziadeh[A.k.a Omar in game]
2.How long your on the computer:probably 7-8 hours weekends only
*3.What Country:U.S.A
*4.How long did you play ERGunZ:more then a week
5.Staff Experiance:havent had many but helped many people
*6.Date of birth:9/28/1996
7.Why you want to be a staff:i want to be a staff to help ppl and show ppl how to play,also to give better warnings for hacks
8.What do you think you can do for this community:i can releive gunz of hacks and atempts of hacks
9.If you was the Owner/Co/Head-Admin, Would you make yourself staff/Why:wouldnt u already be staff?
10.How long have you played GunZ:ive played gunz for mroe then a week
11.What Interest you to be staff:it makes me feel like i can get hackers and rule breakers a bit more scared
12.Do you like Coloring/Recoloring:kind of
13.Do you consider yourself good at it:im OK at it
14.What would you do as your job of a GM:help others and bust hackers
15.If you dont get accepted what will you do:play more gunz,the world isnt going to end
16.What would you do if you was removed from staff with/without cause:find the reason and see if it would be a fair reason,then i would probably not complain
by the ways xemnas heres the site:
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Omar for admin
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