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 ~~V~~ for GunZ GM

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~~V~~ for GunZ GM Empty
PostSubject: ~~V~~ for GunZ GM   ~~V~~ for GunZ GM EmptySat Mar 13, 2010 11:31 am

Your Name: Devan
How long your on the computer: 6+ hours on weekends if you need to talk on weekdays im on msn mobile weekdays all day.
What Country: United States, Washington state
How long did you play ERGunZ: look at "How long have you played GunZ"
Staff Experience: Ive been with Skylar and Kmazz for almost 3 to 4 years from start and between that time ive been admin and mod multiple times on the server's
Date of birth: June 25th 1995
Why you want to be a staff: I love to help if you use too see me on Skylar i was a bit of a prick sometimes but mostly and lately Ive changed and have given riches out to people and help people with clues and other things that needed helped, helping to me is great for the community and that's why i want to be a staff.
What do you think you can do for this community: I think that I can help change the community for the greater good make the community and myself loyal to the server and influence people with the help to play gunZ a lot more then usual since this server is great and easy to pick up and just play for hours.
If you was the Owner/Co/Head-Admin, Would you make yourself staff/Why: Ive been asked this question a lot and the truth before now was NO since i was very selfish and self centered and was a prick and since I've changed i have come to a fair conclusion that i would pick myself now since I've changed over the course of time.
How long have you played GunZ: this ties into the "how long have you played ERGunZ" Ive played with Kmazz and Skylar on some GunZ servers mostly ones that Kmazz or Skylar were owners i am not very good but Ive had about a year experience with this game.
What Interest you to be staff: To help the community and make it a better place for players and have no more spammers or people who say "this server sucks and i quit you all are $%^" if i can become staff ill help change this and respect even the people who do this and keep the server free of spammers,hackers,etc.
Do you like Coloring/Recoloring: I've never done this but i have seen Skylar's work on this and find it very well put together and amazing.
Do you consider yourself good at it: I've never done this and i wish to try soon.
What would you do as your job of a GM: I would enforce the rules upon the players not with cruelty but with more of a mellow way and not so mean i would give warning and i would help Skylar with the EZ levelers (people who just let you kill them to gain levels then you switch, dont do it, it is a instant ban) and enforce rules like that.
If you dont get accepted what will you do: I would work harder on building trust and respect, then try a re-apply.
What would you do if you was removed from staff with/without cause: If there was no cause i would ask for one, if i didn't get an answer i would just try to re-earn my position back and if i had a reason i would apologize, but i would apologize even if there was no cause and re-earn my position back on the server.
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~~V~~ for GunZ GM
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